Talisman is a collection of hope, love, guidance and strength. Inspired by events close to the heart, these beautiful symbols have been designed to guide and protect.

What is a Talisman? A Talisman is said to have magical powers that bring luck and protection to its wearer. They carry powerful symbols that inspire and invoke guiding and protective qualities.

There are many ways to choose your Talisman. The symbols are connected to the wearer, so stay open to what you are drawn to, or what is gifted to you. A Talisman is always meant for you.

This beautiful collection includes four meaningful symbols and aligned gemstones, which carry the same healing properties:

Swallow of Hope - Aquamarine

Serpent of Strength - Black Spinel

Star of Dreams - White Topaz

Heart of Love - Rose Quartz

Talisman designs include pendant necklaces, hoop earrings and signet rings.

Other heroes in this special collection include the vintage inspired Ella hoop earrings and Grace gemstone cocktail rings - incorporating protection stones Black Onyx and Tigers Eye.

As with all Silk & Steel designs, Talisman has been designed in New Zealand and ethically handcrafted by skilled artisans, in 14k and rhodium plated sterling silver.

Designed as modern heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations.

Guiding Star Signet / White Topaz + Silver / Ring $189.00
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Guiding Star Signet / White Topaz + Gold / Ring $199.00
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Grace Ring / Tigers Eye + Gold / Ring $299.00
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Grace Ring / Tigers Eye + Silver / Ring $289.00
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Grace Ring / Black Onyx + Gold / Ring $299.00
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Grace Ring / Black Onyx + Silver / Ring $289.00
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