Vintage Couture

Silk&Steel ‘Vintage Couture’ winter 2017 Collection

Silk&Steel Designer Sarah Cotterall grew up in London and from a young age was captivated by the beauty of antique jewellery pieces. Her youth was spent scouring London for beads and vintage jewellery to recreate for herself and friends. She became a regular at local markets in Paris, where she lived for two years, as well as in Italy, searching for collectable treasures she could re-design and give new life to. Putting fuel to the fire in her love of making beautiful things, and honoring history in doing so, she has created a collection of vintage infused one off pieces, making it a very exclusive and unique offering.

Silk&Steel’s Vintage Couture capsule is a hand crafted collection of striking one-off pieces, incorporating collectable vintage jewels from the 1920s to 1950s that Sarah recently collected from antique jewellery stores on a recent trip to Europe, and has worked them into new and contemporary designs. Each design has been inspired by its centrepiece; a once lived story lending a nod to a bygone-era and into a renewed modern life.