'Bohemian Luxe' Collection

'Bohemian Luxe' Collection
Silk&Steel’s new 2015 collection, Bohemian Luxe, hitting boutiques in November, embodies a luxuriously chic boho style perfectly suited for the coming summer months. With a gentle nod to her Italian heritage and inspired by the image of a woman who is creative and self-assured, Sarah Cotterall has created a timeless and beautiful collection.

The collection is a feast for the eyes with its use of golden coins cast from original Roman coins, artful geometric shapes in gold and silver, luxury Italian leathers, stunning hand harnesses, tassel wrap bracelets and semi precious stones.

"The type of woman that would wear this collection is a relaxed, self assured, free spirit. She’s creative, artful and embodies a luxuriously chic style without trying to create it” says Sarah Cotterall, designer and owner of Silk&Steel.

Made up of five pillars, this collection confirms what is already known; that Silk&Steel is creating fashion statements that women want and women are talking about.




A limited edition collection of Roman inspired jewellery, with a contemporary feel. The coins featured have been cast from original Roman coins dating back to 47BC, each carrying it's own personal history and story.


Like a true chameleon, these relaxed and versatile pieces can be layered and stacked to create unique and varied bohemian looks. Featuring fine stainless steel necklaces with gold pendants, beaded charm bracelets, hand-harnesses and tassel wrap bracelets; this Pillar embraces its haute bohème.


The combination of high-grade leather and luxurious chains creates an air of strength and sultry sophistication. Making a unique fashion statement is effortless with these metallic leather tassel necklaces, cuffs and wrap bracelets.


Inspired by the juxtaposition of edgy and luxurious this Pillar shines with it’s gold and rhodium plated skulls and their sleek Swarovski eyes. This pretty yet tough collection stands out using beautiful onyx beads, silver and gold plated hematite and high grade, luxurious chains and leather.


Poetic Justice is determined to make a statement with its arrowhead inspired Heroin taking centre stage. This surrounded by gold and silver wrap chains, necklaces and bracelets create a true statement of edginess and luxury.

Silk&Steel has stamped its mark on the NZ fashion landscape now supplying over 40 designer boutiques and fashion outlets. Bohemian Luxe 2015 showcases exactly why Silk&Steel is the one to watch and wear this season.


Sarah Cotterall | Designer | Silk&Steel | 021 517 175 |

www.silkandsteel.co.nz | www.facebook.com/silknsteel



Silk&Steel has an undeniable aura of cool. Based on juxtaposition and that true beauty can come from the pairing of opposites, Sarah Cotterall is creating luxury fashion statements worthy of runways, celebrities, and women all across the country.

Hailing from London, Sarah’s inherent love of the city is obvious throughout her designs with a constant thread of edginess and metro chic. Using the unlikely pairings of unique textiles and gems with hand-sewn detailing and collectable vintage Sarah crafts dramatic statement pieces. This unique approach is also used designing her main diffusion line of high-casual, boho-chic pieces now available over 40 boutiques across New Zealand and soon to be launched in Australia.

Silk&Steel has been featured on the runway at NZ Fashion week numerous times since the first collection launched in 2009, with their Bespoke winning over stylists and fashionista’s at this event.  The collection has quickly become a darling of trend reports and fashion magazines as well as being sought out by New Zealand celebrities and international popstars.

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