Jewellery Care


Please take extra care when wearing and storing you Silk&Stell jewellery as each piece is delicate.

Avoid contact with nail polish removers, perfume, body lotions, harsh chemical like household cleaners, hairspray as they create abrasions and reduce the lustre for the materials.

Avoid wearing while gardening or performing sport activities.

Never go swimming while wearing your jewellery as chlorine in swimming pools can cause damage to all metals and will erode gold jewellery.

We recommend wearing gold plated jewellery on an occasional basis, that way you will enjoy them for much longer.

Please take extra care of these beautiful gemstones. Stones are delicate and could get damaged if knocked or dropped.

Each stone is one of a kind and have unique inclusions. These inclusions are not faults in the stones they are part of nature. 

After wearing  a piece of jewellery place your jewels in a pouch or in a jewellery box and keep in a dry place.



Cleaning your jewellery is best done with warm water and detergent free soap.

Throughly dry your jewellery after exposure to water.

Use of a polishing cloth or strong jewellery cleaner is not recommended,