'Bullets & Butterflies' Collection

'Bullets & Butterflies' Collection


Local jewellery designer packs rebellious punch this season

Bold hues, creative design and rebellious juxtaposition provide easy to wear enjoyment for the Silk&Steel devotee this season.

The spring / summer 15 16 collection is fittingly titled Bullets&Butterflies and flights a chic collection of edgy-bohemian pieces with a subtle nod to the ‘70s.

Delicately divided in to three stories, each anecdote reveals a personality of its own.

‘Full Circle’ embodies the free spirit of summer with fine woven beaded bracelets and necklaces paving the way for the collection’s more audacious designs. ‘Celestial’ is the home of retro tones and semi-precious gems. ‘Metamorphosis’ brings in to the fold vibrant Italian leather and heavy chain.

Pieces have been cleverly designed to be layered and stacked together or worn alone, so wearers can devise their own individual statement.

“It’s all about creating your own look,” says designer Sarah Cotterall. “I believe people want to have fun with the pieces they’ve chosen and to play with different combinations. There are a number of styles in this collection that are very versatile; including necklaces that can be worn ten different ways – even as a belt or bracelet.”

Not one to shy away from valiant designs, Silk&Steel’s signature couture pieces also exude a sense of luxury bohemian with exquisite materials and fine craftsmanship coming together to form fashion-forward conclusions - with spectacular results.

"The Silk&Steel woman is relaxed, self-assured and a free thinker," says Cotterall. “She’s creative, artful and not afraid to stand out from the crowd.”

Spiked bullets bring the collection together giving works an adventurous twist while cobalt blue, lolly pink and sunshine yellow provide charming bursts of colour that promise to vividly support even the simplest of outfits.

“There’s something for everyone in this collection,” says Cotterall. “Pieces can be thrown on day or night, with jeans and a t-shirt, or elegantly styled with an evening gown for a special event.”

Silk&Steel designs are regularly updated to avoid mass production, giving customers limited edition collections each and every time.

This season’s works are a true testament to Cotterall’s skill and tasteful eye – she knows more than a thing or two about making fabulous jewellery. 



Shop Silk&Steel online at www.silkandsteel.co.nz/collections/all 

About Silk&Steel

With an unconventional approach to design, Sarah Cotterall is creating luxury fashion jewellery worthy of runways, celebrities, and the everyday New Zealand woman. Hailing from London with an Italian background, Sarah draws inspiration from her European heritage and offers both dramatic statement pieces fit for the world of couture and a wearable diffusion line, capturing an edgy boho-chic aesthetic right throughout her collections. Silk&Steel designs are beautifully crafted presenting unique juxtapositions of textiles, gems, hand-sewn detailing and collectable vintage. Sarah carefully sources quality materials from around the globe for all of her works, the majority of which are lovingly hand-made right here in New Zealand. Launched in 2010, Silk&Steel has been making waves ever since and has been involved in a variety of stimulating collaborations with leading New Zealand fashion designers Yvonne Bennetti and Trelise Cooper. Sarah’s works have even been compared to the likes of Parisienne fashion house Lanvin.

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