About Smokey Quartz

About Smokey Quartz

Stone: Smokey quartz

Birthstone: Smokey quartz is the traditional birthstone for November. 

Country of origin: Smokey quartz can be found everywhere in the world, but the finest specimens are found in Australia, Africa, Brazil, Madagascar, and the USA.

About the stone: Smokey quartz signifies stability and grounding, so much so that it is called the “grounding stone.” It offers security and a sense of stability during times of adversity.

What is the history of smokey quartz? Smokey quartz has been used widely since ancient times because it is so easy to cut and shape for making ornaments. Smokey quartz was used for making snuff bottles in China, and was also popular with the ancient Romans, who used the stone for carving. In the 12th century, the Chinese used smooth panes of smokey quartz to protect their eyes, like our modern-day sunglasses. Smokey quartz is also the national gem of Scotland, where it is called “cairngorm” after the Cairngorm Mountains. It has been considered a sacred stone there dating back to the Druids. And in mythology, the stone is associated with the ancient Greek goddess of magic, Hecate.

Caring for smoky quartz: Quartz can easily be scratched and chipped, so it is important to not to wear it when you might be engaging in an activity that could harm the stone. Store jewellery in a soft cloth or padded container. The best way to clean your quartz is with plain water and soap, using a soft brush and then a soft polishing cloth. Do not soak your quartz, and do not leave it in direct sunlight as its color may fade. Also be careful not to expose it to intense heat, as this might cause the colour to fade. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives and avoid exposure to chlorine.

Ethics and Sustainability – We endeavour to source all our gemstones from conflict-free and reputable suppliers. As part of our “Full-Circle” sustainability initiative, return your old Silk & Steel jewellery and we will give you an online credit to spend towards a new design! We will recycle silver and re-use stones, so nothing goes to waste. Any pieces from Superfine, or beaded bracelets, we will buy back and give you a $10 online credit to redeem on our website against a new purchase. All other sterling silver designs from our mainline collections will receive between $20-$40 credit depending on the style. 

If you would like to take part in our Full-Circle offer email studio@silkandsteel.co.nz - we would love to hear from you.

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