Black - Diamond Collection In The Making

Black - Diamond Collection In The Making - Silk&Steel | Luxury Statement Jewellery

We are so happy to finally launch our latest collection  BLACK.  It’s out of this world!!

Silk & Steel Jewellery Black Diamonds Collection

Inspired by the night sky, we decided to use natural black diamonds (our favourite colour and precious stone!) which perfectly epitomise our edgy-luxe brand aesthetic.

Silk & Steel Jewellery Stella Necklace with Black Diamond on sterling silver  Silk & Steel Jewellery Constellation Earrings on sterling silver Silk & Steel Jewellery Black Collection North Star Bracelet

Our Black collection has been in the making since 2017, so as you can imagine we are extremely happy to finally have it out in the world!

Here we are in Jaipur India, working on this new range with our amazing manufacturer, checking the designs before castings were made. Attention to detail is so important at this stage...(and every stage to be honest)!


Sarah Cotterall Silk & Steel Jewellery Jaipur India Sarah Cotterall Silk & Steel Jewellery Jaipur India

We are incredibly lucky to work with a great team of artisans who take pride in their craft and care about what they do.

Silk & Steel Jewellery Ethically Made Jaipur India Ethically Made Silk & Steel Jewellery Jaipur India

Design, quality, functionality and finish are hugely important to us and our manufacturing process. Every piece we make is ethically and fairly made by people we are proud to call friends.

 Sarah Cotterall Silk & Steel Jewellery Jaipur India Silk & Steel Jewellery Jaipur India

Our finished designs are so beautiful and we absolutely love the natural black diamonds in this demi-fine collection, making it even more precious....and at an accessible price point (which we love even more)!

Silk & Steel Jewellery Midnight Ring with Black Diamond on sterling silver Silk & Steel Jewellery Black Diamond Necklace Ethically MadeSilk & Steel Jewellery Eclipse Earrings Black Diamond hoops


Creating beautiful relaxed luxury jewellery for our wonderful wearers is where our heart is!



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