Bridal Jewellery Edit | Featuring Hera Couture by Katie Yeung

Bridal Jewellery Edit | Featuring Hera Couture by Katie Yeung

Nestled within the realm of bridal fashion, a radiant star shines brightly – none other than Katie Yeung, the visionary designer behind Hera Couture. With an undeniable passion for crafting bridal gowns that encapsulate dreams and a profound appreciation for beautiful jewellery, Katie's journey is as captivating as the gowns she creates.

In an exclusive interview, we sat down with Katie to unravel the tapestry of her creative odyssey. From the genesis of her aspirations to the unique essence that sets Hera Couture apart in a sea of bridal designers, Katie shares her insights, inspirations, and the magic that transpires when elegance and innovation intertwine.

Through Katie's words, discover how bridal fashion and jewellery unite to form an ensemble that echoes love stories in every seam and sparkle.

See the full interview below, where we uncover the heart and soul behind Katie Yeung's enchanting creations and her collaboration with Silk & Steel

 Silk & Steel Bridal Jewellery for Hera Couture

Becoming a Bridal Designer:

Can you share with us the story of how you ventured into the world of bridal fashion? What inspired you to become a bridal designer?

The interest in fashion started at a very young age, around 8 years old. I’ve always been surrounded by sewing machines, rolls of fabrics, hanging patterns  and clients around my parent’s tailoring boutique.   I’ve taken many turns and paths to understand what my passion is, why I do it and how I would do it - where I could provide value.  In my mid 20s,  I discovered what truly makes me happy is seeing a piece of garment that I’ve poured hours and weeks creating onto a client’s body, which in turn the smile and confidence I received back from them is truly satisfying.

 Silk & Steel Bridal Jewellery for Hera Couture

Setting Yourself Apart:

The bridal fashion market is diverse and competitive. What unique elements or approaches do you believe set Hera Couture apart from other bridal designers and brands?

Our mission is to create exquisite, ready to wear and demi-couture gowns that make every woman feel confident, empowered, and truly beautiful. With a focus on exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to inclusivity, we are dedicated to providing our clients with a truly extraordinary experience.  What sets us apart is the high level of care in every single element of our people and business and how we truly understand what makes a woman look fantastic.

 Silk & Steel Bridal Jewellery for Hera Couture

Inspirations and Creative Process:

What sources of inspiration do you draw upon when designing bridal gowns? Are there specific themes or aesthetics that consistently find their way into your creations?

I would not call myself an artist, because I feel like there are so many elements in the business that makes me an entrepreneur rather than someone who can take months or even years to create something that is truly artistic and stands the value of being exhibited in a museum.  However, I’m quite confident and proud that through extensive experience as a designer we understand a woman’s body very well and can design any pieces, with any types of fabrics to accentuate the beauty we all possess.  I often draw inspiration from my travels  -  many  from ancient and modern architecture and nature.  The angles, the shapes and elements of earth’s formations.

Silk & Steel Bridal Jewellery for Hera Couture 

The Significance of Bridal Jewellery:

Bridal jewellery often complements the gown and completes the overall look. In your view, why is jewellery such an essential component of a bride's ensemble on her special day?

Jewelry, especially well-designed pieces of jewelry that are crafted with precision and care,  they most certainly elevate the look for a bride to the next level.  Jewelry is mostly worn on exposed clean decollage , earlobes with bridal hair style often paired back and wrists;  they draw the attention of a woman’s body on its own.  When a piece or several pieces of jewelry is chosen and layered well, it compliments and completes the look of  the wedding gown, heels and veil - the final look can be irresistible.

 Silk & Steel Bridal Jewellery for Hera Couture

Silk & Steel Collaboration:

Your collaboration with Silk & Steel brings a unique touch to your bridal offerings. Could you tell us about the pieces from Silk & Steel that resonate with you personally, and how you envision them complementing your gown designs?

I personally love the minimalist Bianca baroque pearl necklace layered with the Bella choker from the Silk & Steel’s latest Sorrento collection.  Paired with Bianca hoop pearl earrings or extra fine gold Nautica chain from the Venus’s collection.  I envision these timeless pieces to complement our Hera Couture’s modern aesthetics very well and will last the test of time.

Silk & Steel Bianca Pearl Necklace


Silk & Steel Bella Pearl Choker
Silk & Steel Bianca Twisted Hoop with Pearl



For more Bridal jewellery inspiration, visit our Bridal Shop collection and discover the beautiful world of Hera Couture.

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