Onyx Stones: Formation, Types, and Unique Properties

Onyx Stones: Formation, Types, and Unique Properties

Onyx, with its dramatic aesthetics and intriguing metaphysical properties, has captivated jewellery enthusiasts for centuries. This blog post will guide you through its formation, types, and why it’s a preferred choice for jewellery.

Formation of onyx stone

Onyx, a variant of chalcedony quartz, is a marvel of nature. Its creation is a slow, steady process that unfolds over millions of years within the gas cavities of lava. This method allows for the formation of the stone's striking layers, which define its signature look. The bands in onyx are typically parallel and consistent, adding to its distinctive appeal. When you hold a piece of onyx, remember you're embracing a fragment of our planet's remarkable history.

Types of onyx

Different onyx stones come with unique characteristics:

Black onyx

Known for its deep, shiny black colour, black onyx is perhaps the most popular variety. This gem is prominent in the world of jewellery and decorative design. Its depth and glossy finish make it a premium choice, adding sophistication to any piece.


This onyx variant showcases reddish-brown bands. Popular since ancient times, the Romans used Sardonyx to craft seals and talismans. Apart from its history, this gemstone is also valued for its metaphysical properties, believed to provide stability, strength, and happiness. With its bands of sard and onyx, Sardonyx has a vitreous lustre when polished, making it a valuable gem in gemology.

Unique properties of onyx

Onyx stands out for its hardness and durability, qualities that make it suitable for crafting various jewellery pieces. The contrasting bands, especially in black onyx, offer a dramatic effect, beautifully complementing diamonds.

Onyx in jewellery

Onyx is versatile, fitting perfectly into a range of jewellery styles. From statement onyx necklaces to sleek black onyx rings and elegant bracelets, this gemstone adds sophistication to any ensemble. Onyx earrings and pendants are also stunning accessories, with the stone's beauty being highlighted alongside precious metals.

Beyond its physical beauty, onyx is believed to provide strength, promote stamina and vigour, and encourage happiness and good fortune.

From its origin to its distinct types and properties, the onyx stone stands out as a natural wonder. Its adaptability makes it a top pick for varied jewellery styles, satisfying those seeking elegance with a touch of mystique. Whether you admire its visual charm or its symbolic significance, an onyx piece can be a remarkable addition to your collection.

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