About Blue Topaz

About Blue Topaz

Stone: Blue topaz

Topaz is the traditional birthstone for November and the gem for celebrating 16th wedding anniversaries.

Country of origin: Topaz can be found in many parts of the world, including the USA, China, Russia and Mexico. Brazil, however, is where the biggest topaz crystals are found. Most of the gemstone production here is still carried out by artisanal miners. The Brazilian government applies restrictions on mining to protect the environment and indigenous tribes.

About the stone: Blue topaz is believed to foster truth and forgiveness. Topaz can strengthen emotional support and stabilise emotions, making the wearer more receptive to love.

What is the history of blue topaz? Discovered in Brazil in 1960, it is also believed that the name topaz comes from Topazios, the Greek name for an island in the Red Sea, now called Zabargad. The island never actually produced topaz, but it was once a source of peridot, which was confused with topaz. The origin can also be traced back to Sanskrit and the word topas or tapaz, meaning “fire”. The ancient Greeks believed that topaz gave them strength, and many people in India believe that topaz worn above the heart promotes long life, beauty and intelligence.

Caring for blue topaz: Topaz should never be cleaned in a steamer or ultrasonic cleaner. It should also be protected from sudden changes in temperature and from all acids. Keep blue topaz out of the sun, as the stone is easily bleached by heat and UV light. The best way to clean your blue topaz is with plain water and a soft cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives and avoid exposure to chlorine.

Ethics and Sustainability – We endeavour to source all our gemstones from conflict-free and reputable suppliers. As part of our “Full-Circle” sustainability initiative, return your old Silk & Steel jewellery and we will give you an online credit to spend towards a new design! We will recycle silver and re-use stones, so nothing goes to waste. Any pieces from Superfine, or beaded bracelets, we will buy back and give you a $10 online credit to redeem on our website against a new purchase. All other sterling silver designs from our mainline collections will receive between $20-$40 credit depending on the style.

If you would like to take part in our Full-Circle offer email studio@silkandsteel.co.nz - we would love to hear from you.

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