5 Key Jewellery Trends To Know This Season

5 Key jewellery trends to know this season - Silk & Steel
Silk & Steel Silver Assigned to Danger Necklace Trending

1) Cool silver

Embark on a journey of style with the cool trend of silver dominating the jewellery scene. Silver has become a captivating choice, diverging from the warmth of yellow gold. The spotlight is now shared between classic gold tones and the modern elegance of silver. As you explore this trend, let the Luccia bangle in silver seamlessly refresh your yellow-gold wrist stack this Autumn, while embracing its versatility. As you navigate this evolving landscape, the spotlight is on Silk & Steel's iconic silver "Assigned to Danger" necklace, promising a versatile and sophisticated addition to your silver jewellery collection.

It's time to let the cool trend of silver redefine your jewellery choices!

5 Key jewellery trends to know this season - Silk & Steel Chains

2) Chains

This season, embrace the bold allure of oversized gold chains with Silk & Steel's statement pieces. Our new Luxe fob style necklace in 14k gold-plated stainless steel delivers maximum impact with light-weight comfort. For a directional choice, mixed-metal Heirloom choker stands out, and Mariner chain redefines dynamic links. Elevate your style with Silk & Steel's chains, ensuring the main event steals the spotlight.

80's style earrings trend - Silk & Steel

3) 80’s style earrings

In the realm of retro '80s earrings, experience the revival with Silk & Steel's curated selection. From modern retro Palermo pearl and crystal hoops to statement Mirage dome earrings, we have embraced the 80’s era in classic style.

Puffed hearts - Jewellery trend - Silk & Steel

4) Puffed hearts

Elevate your style with the burgeoning trend of heart motifs inspired by fashion runways and Margot Robbie's iconic heart necklace in Barbie has sparked a fervor, driving demand for this sweet emblem. Top your wish list with puffy and oversized pieces, such as Silk & Steel’s Valentina puffed heart studs and Bisous puffed heart hoops and necklace. Capture the essence of the '80s with Silk & Steel's bold earring choices, ensuring you make an eye-catching statement. Explore the curated selection of chunky chains and retro earrings to elevate your style with a touch of vintage glamour.


Silk & Steel Jewellery Bangles and Cuffs Jewellery Trend

5) Bangles and Cuffs

As the seasons change, there's a distinctive shift away from the whisker-fine chains and vibrant gems layered during summer. Embrace the trend of chunky, 'one and done' designs that seamlessly marry with knitwear, tailoring, and a smart coat. Transform your fall style with Silk & Steel's iconic Rock Glam and Sienna bangles —an epitome of timeless cool, perfect when worn alone or layered with chains and gems. If you seek a piece that will last the test of time, turn to our bangles and cuffs, adding an ultra-elevated touch of cool to crisp mornings.

Silk & Steel Sleek Bangle Stainless Steel Gold
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