Top Tips For Wedding Jewellery by Sarah Cotterall

Top Tips For Wedding Jewellery by Sarah Cotterall

As you prepare for your special day, selecting the perfect wedding day jewellery is an art that can truly elevate your bridal look. New Zealand jewellery expert and designer Sarah Cotterall, the creative mind behind Silk & Steel jewellery, shares her insights on choosing the ideal finishing touches for your bridal ensemble.

Silk & Steel Bridal Earrings

Earrings - Frame Your Face with Elegance

Earrings are a focal point in any bridal look, that frame the face with grace and elegance. For those with hair down, consider longer, statement earrings, or timeless pearl hoops, like the Reverie or Venus hoops. If an updo is your style, opt for studs or smaller drops for an elegant touch. Sarah suggests incorporating crystals, pearls, or the soft tones of rose quartz (gemstone of love), as a heartfelt detail, to seamlessly complement white gowns.

Necklaces - Harmonise with Your Dress

Harmonise your necklace choice with your dress neckline. A V-neck or sweetheart neckline pairs well with a simple pendant, like the Reverie necklace or a string of pearls, like the Amalifi necklace. For a strapless gown, consider a statement necklace featuring larger pearls or a vintage inspired chain necklace. Also consider incorporating a pendant with delicate blue topaz, for ‘something blue’.

Silk & Steel Bridal Necklace

Bracelets - Graceful Adornments

Delicate bracelets or cuffs serve as elegant choices, with the style dependent on your dress. Opt for a finer bracelet to balance an elaborate dress, like the Lumiere bracelet, while a pearl or crystal bracelet adds a touch of glamour to shorter or sleeveless styles.

Rings - Complement Your Engagement Ring

While your engagement ring takes centre stage, consider adding complementary bands, like our Lumiere rings, or opting for a glamorous cocktail ring, like the Goddess ring, to enhance your wedding day look. Softer tones like rose quartz, clear crystals or pearls can add a subtle yet striking touch.

Traditional vs. Modern - Infuse Sentiment or Embrace Contemporary

Choose between classic pearls, heirloom pieces, or culturally significant jewellery for a traditional touch. Alternatively, embrace modernity with statement pieces, sleek designs, or minimalist jewellery to add a contemporary flair.

Silk & Steel Bridal Earrings

Consider the Dress - Find Harmony in Style

For simple dresses, indulge in more elaborate statement jewellery to elevate, while elaborate dresses call for simpler, more elegant pieces. Let your dress guide your accessory choices for a harmonious overall look.

Comfort and Personal Style - Reflect Your Essence

Select jewellery that resonates with your personal style and ensures your comfort. Steer clear of unfamiliar styles on your wedding day – if you don't typically wear large earrings, now may not be the time to start.

Silk & Steel Bridal Jewellery

Trial Run - Ensure Seamless Harmony

Before your big day, embark on a trial run with your chosen jewellery and hairstyle. This ensures everything works seamlessly together, allowing you to radiate confidence and beauty.

Remember, there are no rigid rules when it comes to bridal jewellery. The key is to feel comfortable and beautiful in your chosen pieces. Mix and match to create a look that reflects your personality and complements your wedding dress, ensuring your day is as unique as you are.

Beautiful bridal dresses by Hera Couture.

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