Meet Our Muse // Aki

Meet Our Muse - Aki - The Sleek Avenue

Meet our muse Aki - super talented Art Director, Content Creator and year round Fashionista.

Meet Our Muse - Aki - The Sleek Avenue

How would you describe your style?

Practical everyday luxe. I invest in designer pieces where I can and explore pre-loved/high street alternatives for new trends I want to try.


What inspires you?

I was trained in the advertising agency world and my mentor taught me to see beauty in everything. I mean everything apart from books, websites or social media. I was taught to pay attention to my surroundings, and zoom in. Inspiration is everywhere, on your desk, around your furniture. It sounds peculiar but let me show you an example: on my desk, an espresso in a white ceramic cup gives you an idea that chocolate brown and warm white might be a great colour pairing; a dry hydrangea shows that light muted pink and green look great together. It’s quite a fun exercise. Be curious and follow your fascinations.  


What is your greatest achievement to date?

Doing what I love for living. 

I have been working in the advertising world for about 13 years. 5 years ago, I started producing fashion content as a side hustle and I'm now doing it full time. It's absolutely rewarding!


What does jewellery mean to you?

I can't complete any outfit without jewellery. They are essential to take your outfits/personality/attitude to the next level. 


Which Silk & Steel pieces do you love the most and how do you wear them?

I have many great pieces from Silk & Steel and they are all on high rotations. I love jewellery with timeless appeal and their collections are super versatile. I wear them with dressy looks as well as casual outfits.


Images taken with Silk & Steel Talisman collection.


Meet Our Muse - Aki - The Sleek Avenue

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