Meet Our Muse // Olivia Carter

Silk & Steel - Meet Our Muse - Olivia Carter

Meet our muse Olivia Carter, award winning and much loved personality at Soul Bar and Bistro - one of Auckland’s most loved eateries!

Silk & Steel - Meet Our Muse - Olivia Carter


How would you describe your style?

Honestly my style is so all over the place! I really like to mix it up and channel different looks all the time. Some days I go for a classic suit, clean lines, total boss attitude, but looking in my wardrobe it is filled with colour so I obviously like this injection more than I realise. I think the main thing I would say is I like to be quite dressy on top but always with sneakers – my absolute go to.


What inspires you?

So many things! Seeing people overcome adversity, people living their true lives, being a role model for women and showing that you can create any path you want to if you put your mind to it. You have to want to succeed, you have to know you are going to be bloody busy, and there are times you might run yourself a bit thin, but this creates so much fun and fulfilment. You know what else really inspires me and it is so much simpler than any of this – happiness. Seeing people smile and laugh. Dancing, eating, drinking, giving your friend a big cuddle – all of these things inspire me to keep living the happy and fulfilled life I have, and to keep paying that inspiration forward.


What is your greatest achievement to date?

Right now I am probably the happiest I have ever been and it is a culmination of achievements. Even though my life is quite busy and frantic (when not in lockdown!) I always take time to look back and appreciate that my hard work and dedication has got me to this point. I run an amazing restaurant and get to work with the best team I could have dreamed of, creating amazing events that bring people fun and joy. I am in a love-filled marriage, have two of the most all encompassing funny and loving kids, and top it off with the best circle of friends that I hope to retire with in a Melrose Place-style community. My journey here included travelling the world, learning so much about myself along the way – this was my vision board as a child and I got here and I will always appreciate this 


What does jewellery mean to you?

Again a bit like my style it is somewhat all over the place. Jewellery to me is either the subtle touch to your everyday ensemble or the over-the-top piece to turn your simple outfit into a stunner. My favourite pieces have been ones that I see and love straight away and then don’t take off. I love how you can wear the same pieces with different outfits and create a different look. Have you seen then latest MUSE necklace and belt?!?! Cannot wait to get out of this lockdown and totally rock this.


Which Silk & Steel pieces do you love the most and how do you wear them?

Jewellery is definitely the perfect finishing touch to my outfit and I have a few pieces that I wear on constant rotation. My 3 simple and slim rings I have are Silk & Steel’s Pollen, Patiently and Diamond Cut  that I have turned into stacker rings. These rings make a constant appearance on Soul Bar & Bistro’s insta page when I’m being the ‘hand model’. My Riviera gold hoops haven’t left my ears this year, and I always have 1-2 Talismans on. I have gifted some Talismans to a few of my besties and my mum, so when I wear them they feel extra special - I love how these pieces bring a sense of connection to my peeps. That is what jewellery is all about! Oh, and my ‘Living the Dream’ earrings are one of my all-time favourite pieces!! Ok I have a lot ha ha


Silk & Steel - Meet Our Muse - Olivia Carter


Silk & Steel - Meet Our Muse - Olivia Carter


Silk & Steel - Meet Our Muse - Olivia Carter

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