Meet Our Muse // Gin Wigmore

Meet Our Muse // Gin Wigmore

Meet Our Muse - Gin Wigmore - Mega talented and much loved award winning New Zealand Singer / Songwriter

Meet Our Muse - Gin Wigmore 

What are your latest projects 

Writing a new album. Rescuing giant dogs. Raising two boys. Planting an excessive amount of cactus. Learning how to be a better cook. Dreaming up more future projects. 


What inspires you?

Anything that cuts through the noise and has the ability to speak to me on a deeper level. Animals and my children seem to be my main muse for inspiration. I do seem to have a massive pull to the desert and a general sense of eternal escapism. I always find the desert and everything associated with it very inspiring.


What is your greatest achievement to date?

I’m choosing two things… ;)

Liking who I have become. 

Creating two magic children. 


How would you describe your style?

Thrown together with some worn in jeans, converse, old Wild West t’s and a TON of big bold jewellery. I love the feeling of being a dusty desert woman. If I could paint my style as a scene it would be a 6 o’clock sky in the wide open desert canyons of Arizona, horses wandering about and some dusty cowgirl galloping across the range. 


What does jewellery mean to you?

Expression. You can take some raggedy old whatever clothes or even just go nude and completely transform your entire presence and the world’s perception of you with just one single piece of badass jewellery! 


Which Silk & Steel pieces do you love the most and how do you wear them?

I mean, Sarah is ON FIRE. For real. I have been a big fan of her jewellery since the beginning and I feel that in the last couple of years just about every piece she has created has been super in tune with what I love about jewellery. I LOVE big bold pieces and I am super into gold at the moment. So with all that said I gotta say my fave pieces are the Heirloom and Dynasty necklaces. My husband keeps taking my Dynasty chain to wear, so it’s cool to have pieces that speak to both men and women. 

Meet Our Muse - Gin Wigmore

Meet Our Muse - Gin Wigmore

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