STYLE GUIDE | How To Style Your Pearls

STYLE GUIDE | How To Style Your Pearls

How To Wear Pearls

Pearls, pearls glorious pearls! Pearls are everywhere – and we’re loving it. We’ve been using pearls in our designs since way back…juxtaposing their iridescent beauty with spikes and chains. Over the years, our designs have incorporated pearl pendants, rings and earrings, as well as chokers and beaded bracelets. We have taken the preppy and turned it into stylish.

Inspired by the ocean, our edgy-chic pearl designs can be worn alone or layered – giving you edge, texture and glow. Follow our styling tips below on how to wear these natural gems.


But firstly …

What’s so special about pearls? Well, did you know that pearls are thought to be the world’s oldest gem, dating back to 2300, where they were recorded as being presented as gifts to royalty? Known as the “Queen of Gems” pearls have always had an allure and held a strong place in history, culture, tradition and fashion.

Now, in 2022, even though pearls have always been a main-stayer, they have come back in to force as a ‘main-slayer’ - an all-time favourite gem. Not only are pearls incorporated into jewellery but they also feature in lifestyle… now known as the ‘Pearlcore’ trend.

What is ‘Pearlcore’?

Pearlcore is the name Pinterest has given to the rising trend of incorporating pearls or iridescent accents into your daily wardrobe. But it's not just about jewellery or fashion! This much-loved gemstone can now be seen in home décor, beauty and menswear.


“Arguably the most versatile gemstone that has stood the test of time. From minimalist (wearing as a simple pendant or choker) to maximalist (layering pearls together with chains and other beaded designs for a ‘more-is-more’ aesthetic), everyone can wear pearls.”

- Sarah Cotterall, Founder & Creative Director 


Silk & Steel loves pearls

From minimalist Greek-chic-style chokers and stackers to juxtaposing statement designs with pearls and spikes, we have long been using pearls with a passion. And, gone are the days of when pearls were perfectly symmetrical and formal. Today, it’s all about perfect imperfection and self-expression.

Silk & Steel’s freshwater keshi, baroque and rice pearl designs are all natural and unique and therefore, no two are ever the same, making them even more special. 

What are Freshwater pearls?

Cultured freshwater pearls are pearls that are farmed and created using freshwater mussels

What are Baroque pearls?

Baroque pearls can be freshwater or ocean pearls, with an irregular, non-spherical shape. Shapes can range from minor aberrations to distinctly ovoid, curved, pinched, or lumpy shapes.

What are Rice pearls?

A regular, oval-shaped pearl that resembles a grain of rice.

What are Keshi pearls?

Pearls that grow without a nucleus and are composed entirely of nacre.

What is Mother of Pearl?

Mother of pearl is a common name for nacre, which is a composite material formed by molluscs that creates a beautiful iridescent layer in shells, from paua to pearl oysters.



How to style your pearls

Like a Maximalist

For a more-is-more luxe look, layer up your pearls. Don’t be shy, reach for your favourites, in different shapes and sizes, and mix with chains for an ultra-lustrous statement look. Try mixing our La Mer and Resort pearl necklaces with the St Tropez multi-chain, for some serious ‘Pearlcore’ power!

Silk & Steel Jewellery How to style your pearls like a maximalist 
Silk & Steel Jewellery How to style your pearls - maximalist
Silk & Steel Jewellery How to style your pearls - Keshi pearls statement necklace


Like a Minimalist

Keep it small and simple. For a modern aesthetic, pared back is key to creating a minimalist style, like our Santorini pearl necklace. Or, for a more ‘classic’ minimalist style, a simple fine chain necklace with pearl drop or single drop earrings, like our Superfine Mini Pearl designs, will do the trick.


Silk & Steel Jewellery How to style your pearls like a minimalist
Silk & Steel Jewellery How to style your pearls like a minimalist - Santorini and La Mer Pearl Necklaces

We believe pearls should be worn all day, every day, from edging up simple jeans and a tee, to building a statement iridescent look – pearls are a fun staple that’s here to stay!

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