STYLE GUIDE | How To Layer Necklaces

STYLE GUIDE | How To Layer Necklaces

How To Layer Necklaces

Ever wonder how to layer necklaces? How many is too many, or not enough? And which necklaces to layer together? The art of necklace-stacking is one that requires a little strategic thinking. If you’re looking for ideas and style advice, then you’ve come to the right place … so let’s get layering!

Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve an effortless statement stack.


Main Rules For Layering:

Find your base

This piece will act as a base and anchor your look. Your base necklace tends to be heavier, allowing lighter weights to mix in harmony.

It’s all about texture

Think about adding detail, whether it’s with a mix of chunky or skinny chains, as well as different textures (think beads, pearls, links or charms), to encourage separation.

Mix metals

Rules are meant to be broken, so try wearing different metals simultaneously. Mix up your look on different days, depending on the balance you are wanting – either silver, yellow or rose gold. There is beauty in eclecticism, and you can get more varied combinations! Jewellery is all about self-expression, so don’t be shy.

Heavy-weight vs. light-weight

More is more and less is more. Think about your look and what you would like to achieve. A subtle statement or a bolder look? Build your pieces until you have the desired style and length. Remember, your neck-stack is your story.

What’s your focal point?

Complete the look by drawing the eye to a pendant or charm.


Layering Looks We Love

Silk & Steel necklaces have been designed so you can layer and stack to create your own story. From statement chains to fine pendants, here’s how we like to style ours:

Keep It Iconic

Layer a handmade statement chain with a fine necklace to create balance, like our iconic Estate necklace with the Heart of Love pendant necklace.


Silk & Steel How to Layer necklaces Iconic Estate and Heart of Love Necklace

What’s Your Story?

Our Talisman pendant necklaces carry their own special meaning and protection properties. Mix and match Talismans to create your own fine story.


Silk & Steel How to Layer necklaces  - Talisman Necklaces

Mix Textures

Layer the Soho Figaro chain necklace with the Vibes fine curb chain, to create subtle textural interest. 


Silk & Steel How to Layer necklaces - Mix Textures - Vibe and Soho Necklaces

The Chain Game

Layer chunky chains to create a bold statement look, like our Dynasty and Assigned to Danger necklaces. 


Silk & Steel Chunky layered necklaces - Dynasty and Assigner to Danger


Here’s One We Made Earlier

A layered look we love is the St Tropez multi-chain necklace. It’s a pre-made multi-chain neck-mess that takes the guesswork out of layering. Just throw on and go. It’s a winner!


Silk & Steel How to Layer necklaces - Multi Chain Necklace - Pre Layered Azura

Keep Focused

Make your focal point a symbol of meaning with a semi-precious pendant crafted from best-selling gemstones, like black spinel, rose quartz, smokey quartz, tigers eye, malachite and more. Or drape our Legacy locket with a fine handmade Duchess chain, to create a luxurious focal point.


Silk & Steel How to Layer necklaces - Focal Point Legacy Locket and Duchess chain


Make A Statement

More is more when it comes to piling on multiple necklaces with different textures, colours and lengths. Layer different pearls with multi-chain necklaces for a ‘go luxe or go home’ vibe, like our Resort and La Mer pearl necklaces with our St Tropez multi-chain necklace. 


Silk & Steel How to Layer necklaces - More is more Maximalist - Mix pearl necklaces with Chains


Layer Necklaces Like A Minimalist

Keeping it simple is the key to creating an effortless minimal stack. The key is to wear two or three fine chains together – like our Superfine necklaces. For a touch of minimalist texture, add our delicate Santorini pearl necklace.


Silk & Steel Jewellery How to layer necklaces like a minimalist La Mer Pearl Necklace
Silk & Steel Jewelley - How to layer necklaces like a minimalist with pearls - La Mer and Santorini Necklaces

The key is to experiment and have fun!

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