Superstition Club by Gin Wigmore x Silk & Steel Jewellery

Silk & Steel x Gin Wigmore Superstition Club Collection

Calling all jewellery lovers, music enthusiasts, and gift seekers! The highly anticipated collaboration collection, SUPERSTITION CLUB, by iconic New Zealand-born, now Los Angeles-based, singer song-writer Gin Wigmore and Sarah Cotterall of Silk & Steel, has launched! Partnering with her longtime friend, Sarah, Gin's long-held dream to create and wear her own jewellery designs has been fulfilled:

“My love for jewellery runs deep. It all fascinates me, from the intricately fine to the daringly bold. The pieces I have collected and worn over the years tell the larger story of who I am alongside a recurring daily thought of “how am I feeling and how can I express those feelings with the world around me?”

Collaborating closely with Sarah, Gin's designs seamlessly harmonise elements of boldness and intricacy. The result is a timeless capsule inspired by her passion for iconography, talismans, and her exploration of the delicate boundary between love and mortality. Each item presents an intriguing reinterpretation of conventional motifs and has been thoughtfully designed to complement one another, allowing the entire collection to be layered together and adorned alongside your personal jewellery pieces.

Silk & Steel x Gin Wigmore Superstition Club Collection

In this exclusive collaboration, Gin and Sarah are deeply dedicated to supporting causes that hold a special place in their hearts. An important aspect of this collection involves the launch of one-of-a-kind pieces, which will be auctioned, with all proceeds donated to charity. Within this capsule release, there will be four unique pieces inspired by Gin's "Hand in Hand" design, each to be auctioned off, and the entirety of the proceeds from these auctions will be contributed to Camp Sunshine.

About Superstition Club:

Named after Gin’s personal mantras and pre-show rituals, the idea was formed to turn her superstitions into a tiny collection of jewels and lucky charms to covet and collect. This collaboration consists of five unique and meaningful designs. The capsule’s three necklaces and two sets of earrings have been cast with mixed metals, and adorned with precious stones such as white topaz and crystals. These limited-edition pieces will be available in both gold and silver finishes.

“We all have them, those little ghosts we call superstitions that follow us around and soon become our essential mantras to be daring, bold and brave. My friend Sarah and I decided to form these little superstitions into a tiny collection of lovely jewels for you to enjoy. Welcome to our club, my friend. Here’s to all our superstitions.”

Silk & Steel x Gin Wigmore Superstition Club Collection

About the “Hand in Hand” Charity Initiative:

Committed to making a meaningful impact, Silk & Steel and Gin Wigmore will be auctioning off four unique ‘Hand in Hand’ necklaces. 100% of funds raised will be donated to support Camp Sunshine. These necklaces are seen not only as pieces of jewellery; but powerful symbols of unity and giving.

By participating in the auctions, you not only become an automatic member of the Superstition Club and the owner of a unique necklace, but you are also contributing to a charity that has a profound impact on the lives of children with life-threatening illnesses.

To take part in our charity auction and own one of these epic pieces, enter here. This auction will be going live on 1st November NZ / 31st October USA.

About Camp Sunshine:

Founded in 1984, Camp Sunshine inspires hope in families affected by life threatening childhood illnesses. They provide retreats for children and their families through the various stages of a child’s illness. Their programmes combine respite, recreation, and support, whilst promoting joy.

About Gin Wigmore:

New Zealand born singer/songwriter, GIN WIGMORE, first came to our attention after winning the International Songwriting Competition at 18 years old. The youngest and first unsigned artist to win the Grand Prize. Following that she became the first New Zealand artist to sign with Island/Universal Records and has since released four albums to critical acclaim. Gin’s first album “Holy Smoke” is currently certified at 4x Platinum and her second album ”Gravel & Wine” 2x Platinum. Many of her best-known songs (Kill Of The Night, Black Sheep, Written In The Water, Girl Gang) have been featured in numerous commercials, films and TV shows around the world. Gin currently resides in Venice Beach CA with her family and is writing and recording songs for her next album planned for release in 2024. On November 10th, 2023, she will be releasing a new single “Sugar Like That”.

About Silk & Steel:

Silk & Steel is one of New Zealand’s most recognised jewellery brands, owned and operated by London-born designer SARAH COTTERALL, that celebrates relaxed luxury with a mix of traditional elements and the pairing of opposites. Stocked in high-end department stores and boutiques, Silk & Steel pride themselves on creating instantly wearable, contemporary pieces to style and layer with confidence. Sarah’s unique and unconventional approach to design has gained a loyal customer and celebrity following, including collaborations with renowned fashion designers to music icons. Her timeless collections allow wearers to confidently curate and style with versatility and create stories that emphasise their style with unique self-expression.

Silk & Steel x Gin Wigmore


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