Behind the Scenes - Anther Collection - by Aki from The Sleek Avenue

Behind the Scenes - Anther Collection - by Aki from The Sleek Avenue


Written by Aki - The Sleek Avenue

Let’s just say I started my day by trying to explain my job to the Uber driver,
while holding onto three flower bouquets and a pot plant that were blocking his rear-view mirror.

I am honoured to be the face of Silk&Steel’s new Superluxe collection “Anther” and the creative mind behind the visuals.

This beautiful fine collection is inspired by floras delicate forms and details;
an anther is a part of a flowers stamen that contains the pollen. The anther is the very essence of the flower,
the alluring property that makes it so irresistible.

As the creative director of this shoot, my take was to find a slightly different way to showcase the collection.
For example, does a necklace need to be photographed on the neck?
I was gauging how far can we could push the boundaries yet retain the Silk&Steel branding.

Working with an amazing photographer and the most like-minded client simply made this photoshoot
so fun and memorable!

Have a look at the magic we have created…


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