Behind The Scenes Of How We Make Your Jewellery

Behind The Scenes Of How We Make Your Jewellery

Not long ago I returned from an incredible visit to India, where I spent a week working alongside my wonderful manufacturer and team of dedicated artisans, in Jaipur.

Prior to arriving, I had already sent through my design specifications, which the team had started to sample. This meant we were able to review the designs and make amendments as soon as I had arrived - allowing me to perfect and evolve the collection, with the team.

Silk&Steel Jewellery BTS

During my visit, we were also in production for our upcoming collection, which meant I could select stones and quality check pieces.

Emerald cut stones for this particular collection have been custom shallow cut to allow the gem to sit perfectly in the setting.

Silk&Steel jewellery production BTS

I feel very fortunate to work alongside such talented craftsmen, who handmake our jewellery with such precision, care and perfection. They work in a great environment and are looked after like family. It shows in their work and in their eyes - I feel very blessed to be a part of this team! 

Silk&Steel jewellery production BTSSilk&Steel jewellery production BTS

Each artisan, at every stage of the process, from stone cutting to polishing, take time to ensure each piece is finished to the highest of international standards, which is then quality checked before being dispatched to New Zealand. 

Silk&Steel jewellery production BTS

After 5 days of working on the collections, I was able to leave knowing that samples  were complete and production for our upcoming collection was underway! Because we create several limited edition collections throughout the year, we are always sampling or in production with our own dedicated team, ensuring that each collection is a seamless continuation...

Silk&Steel jewellery production BTS Radiance Earrings

Pieces are hand-finished to perfection!

Silk&Steel jewellery production BTS Prima Donna ring

From the moment I arrived in Jaipur to the time that I left, I felt so inspired by the people, culture and beauty of this incredible country. I was lucky to explore other parts of Rajasthan and meet likeminded artisans, which has been incredibly humbling. 

I can honestly say that I left India with a full heart and mind and I cannot wait to share my new collections with you!!!

Silk&Steel Jewellery Inspiration Sarah Cotterall Work VisitSilk&Steel Jewellery Inspiration Sarah Cotterall Work Visit

I hope you've enjoyed learning a little behind what's involved in making your beautiful jewellery. I'm so proud of our designs and how they are ethically made, I hope you are too.

In the coming weeks we will be releasing our beautiful new Summer 2018/19 collection called Haveli. Haveli is a mansion in India, usually one with historical and architectural significance, which, from my visit to Rajasthan, became the inspiration behind our upcoming collection!

Here's to many more beautiful collections coming your way in 2019!

Welcome to our journey...


Sarah xx



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