Silk & Steel Jewellery designer, Sarah Cotterall, talks Couture!

Silk & Steel Jewellery designer, Sarah Cotterall, talks Couture!

As you may have seen it’s our 10 year anniversary and I’m going through the archives and thought it would be a great opportunity to personally share with you some of my very first Couture designs!

The name Silk & Steel was a born years before I created my brand - in fact it was when I was studying at art school (many moons ago!!) that I was introduced to a technique that used silk and steel to create the most beautiful textile. I loved how the pairing of juxtaposing elements could create something so beautiful and, at that moment, I decided that one day my brand would be called Silk & Steel!

It was after a trip back to Italy to visit my family that I became super inspired to start my jewellery business. It started with $100 and every piece I made and sold I would put back in to the business to buy more materials... I love vintage jewellery, which I will talk to you about another time, but also the creation of one off statement designs, using unexpected elements, that would become pieces of art and a story in their own right . These hand crafted creations elevate the simplest of outfits and also become a conversation piece. Each one of my couture pieces are handcrafted, stitched and beaded - and take hours to make. They are real Couture!

In this video I share some of my first Couture designs and explain a little more about their history and how they were made... I hope you enjoy!



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